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How to pair jerky and beer?

Are beer and jerky a thing now? We know if you like jerky and if you like beer, then why not have them together? And how do you go about pairing the two? We went down the rabbit hole and did a little research of our own. Here are our recommendations for choosing your beer and jerky. 


Now, we’ll be using our jerky in this taste test and we’ll recommend from our sources what could pair well with a Jerk My Beef, jerky, and craft beers. 


Texas Heat Jerky and Blonde Ales 

Our Texas Heat jerky tends to hit the taste buds in the right spots. You’re getting the best of both worlds with a sweet and spicy side of jerky. It’s called Texas Heat, but we’re here to tell you it’s not too much Texas that your mouth is on fire and you’re considering drinking milk. No, not that hot. It’s the right kind of spicy and sweet. To the point where you can eat a whole bag in one sitting.


According to Forbes, yeah, that’s right, Forbes…they recommend pairing a spicy jerky with a dry, roasty stout. A local Austin favorite that may not be roasty, but it is tasty, that will pair well with this jerky is a Live Oak Hefeweizen. The Texas Heat is subtle with its heat and adds sweetness while you’re enjoying it, but It won’t take away from the beer. It will complement it in a way that brings out its taste. Don’t believe us? Well, I guess grab yourself a six-pack and let us know!


Peppered Jerky and Dark Ales

When you eat our Peppered Jerky, you’re going to have a mix of a salted after taste, so pairing this jerky will be more on the bold side to cut the salty taste. An article we found by Brightest Young Things suggests pairing this particular jerky with a ‘Rowdy Rye.’ In simple terms, it’s a malted rye beer. Think of this beer as a middle ground lager that will tend to be on the bitter side, but it complements this jerky well because it’ll break up the peppered and salted tastes left after a bite of your jerky. 


Teriyaki Jerky and Blonde Ales

A favorite, but a classic jerky is Teriyaki jerky! Since this jerky is sweeter than the other two, we recommend pairing it with another golden blonde ale. Why? The citrus, dry, and sweetness after drinking a blonde ale will break up the Teriyaki beef jerky’s tangy-sweetness. And, who better to tell us about this perfect pair than According to their ‘Craft Beer, Meet Craft Jerky: Colorado Edition’ they advise that, “Something to keep in mind while pairing is the intensity of flavors. For example, you don’t want to pair a spicier beer with a spicy jerky. Start with a mild jerky and beer and work your way up through various levels of boldness and intensity.” 


So, simply put, it’s a great rule of thumb the next time you’re out trying to pair your next set of jerky and beers for the first or second time. 


About Jerk My Beef

Jerk My Beef is out of Austin, Texas, where all our products are made in small batches and are Grass-Fed, antibiotic-free, USDA, FDA, & EU Certified. Our cattle have not been treated with artificial growth hormones through feed, injections, or any other method. We created Jerk My Beef to make quality jerky, where you can read and understand every ingredient in our ingredient list.

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