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What’s the difference between corner store beef jerky and craft beef jerky?

What’s the best thing about road trips? Grabbing your favorite beef jerky before you head out, right? But, out of all of the beef jerky selections when you’re walking down the aisle, how do you choose? And, how do you find the one that won’t make you regret it in two hours when you’re in the middle of nowhere?

Consumers who buy beef jerky have most likely gone through this process once or twice when they’re at the corner store, or when they’re driving out of Texas, which takes about a whole day, so, how do you choose? 

While you’re in the aisle starring at all the options, you might come across some feel-good words like, ‘made with real beef’ or ‘made with all-natural flavors’ that sway the quick shopper, but for those who take the time to make sure they do eat the ‘real and all-natural,’ it’s important to check out what the bag actually contains - this will mostly cause a bag turn and looking for that label that says, ‘Ingredients.’ 

According to a market analysis report by Grand View Research that was published earlier this year, the value and popularity of beef jerky has grown immensely, and is the preferred alternative from your regular Frito Lay, Sour Cream and Onion chips. Based on this analysis, it shows that it will continue to grow over the next few years. Millennials are among the consumers who want to know what’s exactly in their beef jerky. 

The increasing demand for high-grade protein and intriguing flavors that provide quick energy to on-the-go consumers is expected to expand the scope of jerky snacks. This snacking trend is more visible among the millennial consumer group as they prefer snacks that are less processed, made with natural ingredients, and are available in different flavors.’ 

Other than knowing what’s in your jerky, what are the other big differences from buying your regular jerky from the corner store than a craft beef jerky? We hit the highlights for you. 

Quality and Ingredients

We want quality. At a time where consumers are looking at everything under the ingredients label, they want to know where and what’s in their jerky. And, rightfully so! Take us, Jerk My Beef, you won’t find anything in our ingredients list  you can’t pronounce. Grass fed and antibiotic free? Done. USDA, FDA and EU certified? Done. Growth hormones of any kind? Absolutely not. 

So, why is Jerk My Beef better than what you’d find at a corner store? Do us a favor, if you can pronounce at least 5 of the words on the back of a popular beef jerky brand, we’ll call it a day and we’ll shut this down… totally kidding, but come on people, we’re talking about what you’re putting into your bodies! 

Let's talk about the ingredients. Jerk My Beef has the following ingredients in our famous 16 oz, Peppered flavored Texas Size bag.They are: all-natural beef, brown sugar, water, salt, apple juice, honey, lemon juice, celery juice powder, natural flavors & spices.

And, that’s it! Not only is this a quick and delicious protein snack, you can feel better knowing that you’re fueling your body with quality ingredients. If you’re the type of person who checks the ingredients on your pet’s food, why should this be any different? Stop wondering what the heck is Maltodrexic, and start looking at the actual ingredients you’re putting into your body. FYI, we looked up Maltodrexin from a popular jerky brand, and here’s what we found out. 

In an article written by, Medical News Today, Maltodrexin is safe to consume and has been approved by the FDA, but the side effects for consuming this food additive can have serious effects on your health. 

“Maltodextrin has an even higher glycemic index (GI) than table sugar. This means that maltodextrin can cause a sharp increase, or spike, in people’s blood sugar shortly after they eat foods that contain it.” 

“To make maltodextrin, manufacturers put starch through a process called hydrolysis. Hydrolysis uses water, enzymes, and acids to break the starch into smaller pieces, resulting in a white powder consisting of sugar molecules.” 

Yummy… NOT!  So, although we can Google all these additives, and most likely freak ourselves out, it’s best to just stick to what you know. Our advice for our jerky lovers is, if you can read and understand the ingredients on the back of the bag, you’re doing far better off than if you weren't. 


Craft Beef Jerky Flavors

Flavors! Consumers want more than just ‘original.’ Consumers want flavors, and flavors that win the balance of chewy and a flavor that you actually selected. Not to toot our own horn again, but let’s explore our beef jerky flavors real quick. 

If you’re the OG guy or gal that loves a peppered jerky, we got you! Our peppered jerky is a great balance between a chewy bite and a generous amount of freshly cracked pepper. If you’re more of a sweet and salty lover, Teriyaki is calling your name. Our Teriyaki is the perfect blend of Teriyaki juiciness and a salty bite. Now, for the adventurous taste buds, we’ll bring the heat in with our Texas Heat beef jerky. A true hot enough slice of heaven, where it’ll tickle the back of your tongue, but incredibly delicious to enjoy. 

The people have spoken and other than looking at what we’re actually eating, we want variety! 

Beef Jerky History

The Easy Go-To Snack 


As we stated earlier, beef jerky is growing in popularity with its consumers - why? It’s because of the convenience, the protein element and the busy body who just needs something light after lunch. 

In the report by Grand View Research, they stated, “The growing dietary trend of shifting toward protein from carbohydrates is anticipated to lead consumers to have more meat than chips in the near future.” Consumers are actively researching other snacks to get them through the day, and that snack is jerky! 

It seems like we’re always on the go, or when we have time to think of nutritious snacks that are good for us, that will fuel us and have a decent calorie count, we get stumped. We’re either on Pinterest looking up crock-pot macaroni or not entirely sure we’re looking for. 

Cut the noise and hit the facts. Beef jerky has been available to us for years, even before it was at a local convenience store. History by the plate by Dr. Ted Rogers explains the first findings of jerky, and how it was even present during Ancient Egypt! Where Egyptians used the sun to dry out strips of water buffalo and other meats. They even found jerky in the pharaohs tombs! It was later done in the New World by the natives, where it was taught to the conquistadors. The making of jerky has been present for thousands of years and free of additives (if we may add), just the good stuff! 

Nutritious? Got Protein? Low-Cal? You got it baby, jerky! 

Small Business Proud 

Not only does jerky fuel that fine body of yours, you’re supporting businesses like ours, who truly care about what you put in your body. Our mission is to make a jerky that fuels your body because it's nutritious and good for you, then having a shelf life of three years before it may or may not be safe to eat. Where we can proudly endorse and say, we have checked all your boxes to pick up a bag and not worry that you’re eating Maltodextrin.

Jerk My Beef is more than a jerky company, it’s where we chose to bring you a crafted product that will bring you toward a healthier life. We want our customers to say, we offer them a better alternative that not only satisfies their cravings, but puts them toward a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for your support in our small but mighty business, and we can’t wait to bring more flavors to our online store. 

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