About Us (Jerk My Beef)



Beef Jerky is one of America's favorite snacks. That dry salty taste makes for a delicious yet filling bite that can leave you wanting more. It has stood the test of time since its inception over 450 years ago. 

But throughout the years, as beef jerky slowly started to grow in popularity, an entire industry dedicated to providing people with quality jerky came into being. And among the massive industry that produced jerky for the masses, there's us: Jerk My Beef. 

How Did We Start 

Most companies like to oversell their origin story and their journey to success. Most will go over how the odds were against them, and they were about to be living on the streets. But that all changed when they started their long time business dream to make cookies of the doge meme. Although we wish we were inspired to make doge cookies as much as any other person, we just wanted to make good jerky. 

Our origin story started in the heart of Austin, Texas, which is the birthplace of everything beef all over the United States. Our founder was a jerky aficionado himself; he was getting a little too tired of the beef jerky flavors and hard to chew jerky around him. So as any sensible person would do, he left his job and decided to make his unique craft style beef jerky for everyone to enjoy.

While this was no doubt a solid move on his behalf, there was just one problem: So fueled with passion alone, he spent ten years perfecting every detail that goes into making jerk my beef’s, craft style beef jerky. With him at the helm, we moved to create a name for ourselves throughout the industry along with our new and creative flavors of jerky. 

His love for beef jerky knew no bounds, as he decided to make the flavors that he enjoyed and we wanted. And as crazy as this idea sounded to his friends and family, seeing the success of other beef jerky companies in Austin alone, they were all very supportive. 

Now true, we don't have the most inspiring story, but what we do have is a lot of love for beef jerky. And we make sure that we bring all of that love to every bag of jerky that we offer. 

What Makes Us Different

We make craft style beef jerky, and that's about it. If you don't know what craft beef jerky is, then you're really missing out. 

Traditional style beef jerky made with salt and pepper alone is a fine combination and has worked for over 450 years. However, we got tired of these flavors and decided to make our own. Other than the salt and pepper varieties, our ingredients include apple and lemon juice, brown sugar, natural flavors, and a large assortment of spices. If you couldn't tell, we take our jerky very seriously. 

Our ingredients are completely natural, and we make sure not to use preservatives in our recipes. Moreover, we're continually working on new flavors for you to try, ensuring that you will have plenty of flavors to choose from for years to come. 

Another thing that makes us different is how we deliver the jerky straight to you, yes that's right.  We do NOT cold store or warehouse any of our jerky and in most cases the jerky you are eating is only a few days from the date we packaged it.   We sell directly from our online store and offer wholesale and private label opportunities as well. This gives our product a more personal feel, which is more than what you could say about most other jerky brands. 

Tender and Juicy 

As we said, we take our jerky very seriously. We ensure that every time you order a bag of Jerk my Beef, you are getting jerky unlike any other. Our combination of different natural juices ensures our tenderness and amazing taste throughout every bit. Without cooking or smoking the jerky, you can enjoy it with all of its tenderness right out the packet. 

Austin Texas: The Heart of Jerky  

While jerky may not have come from Austin, Texas, it sure did become THE place for sampling some amazing jerky.  People living in Austin have their recipes and different ways of preparing their jerky. And we very much owe our love for beef jerky, and our company Jerk my Beef to Austin. So in the words of the great Ron Burgundy, "You stay classy, Austin." 

Why We Chose Jerky 

Growing up in the heart of Austin, Texas, the founder of Jerk My Beef got a chance to try all kinds of jerky and truly grew an appreciation for it. And after discovering the passion he had for jerky, he spent almost ten years trying to perfect every detail that goes into making some premium jerky. Not to mention, for him, jerky is more than just a snack; it's a lifestyle. 

Beef jerky is America's favorite snack, and we provide some of the best jerkies that you can find on the market. With meat so tender you could cut it with a fork and flavors so tasty they could leave you wanting more, we live that beef jerky life: do you?