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Here’s our story and it’s simple.... We like beef jerky.

We like it so...damn...much...that we decided to start a company that would make the most heart-wrenchingly delicious beef jerky anyone had ever tasted and to be honest… We’re doing a pretty good job.

We are Jerky connoisseurs and have dedicated our craft to providing you the best jerky out there.

Where the beef is jerked

You might be wondering where the beef is jerked?

That might be interpreted the wrong way. Sorry....

We beat the meat and extract the flavor in our jerky lab, located just miles from our family ranchers.

Austin Texas: The Heart of Jerky

Ron Burgundy, a great American, only made one mistake...ever.

Every night after reading the news he stared at the camera with that glorious mustache and said,” stay classy San Diego.” 

San Diego is good.

But no place is as classy as Austin, Texas.

Have you been to Austin? 

There’s jerky all over the place.

It’s what inspired us to become jerky aficionados in the first place.

People here have their own homemade recipes which have inspired us to knuckle down and jerk the beef to perfection…

Austin just might be the meat capital of the world.

This city has beaten meat to utter jerky perfection.

and now we want to give our beef to you.


Stay classy Austin!