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Sweet Texas Heat (2oz bag)
Sweet Texas Heat (2oz bag)
Sweet Texas Heat (2oz bag)

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Sweet Texas Heat (2oz bag)

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Our 16oz bag of new Sweet Texas Heat contains a blend of sweetness and a hole lot of heat. The tanginess you feel is the subtle touch of pepper and garlic flavor. Sweet Texas Heat is more than just about taste; it complements your active lifestyle.

One taste of this bag and you would be carrying it on the go for a long time. From an indoor activity to workouts to classes, Sweet Texas Heat will always be there to spice up the sweetness in your life. Sweet Texas Heat contains a perfect sequence of ingredients that can overwhelm anyone. It includes beef, salt, honey, apple juice, water, celery juice, lemon juice, brown sugar, juice powder, and spices.

The luscious taste of the all-natural Sweet Texas Heat jerky is as perfect as it gets. You'll savor the perfect combination of Sweet and Spicy! It’s the Texas jerky flavor that would have you reminiscent of the old days of the Wild West. This delicious, savory, and perfectly seasoned jerky flavor can spark your taste buds. It has enough protein to curb your extra appetites and help you stay focused throughout the day.

It leaves little to no residue on your fingers, which means you do not have to worry about messing up your keyboard or new outfit. In fact, spice lovers insist that this jerky flavor brims with a unique flavor. The flavor of the spices leaves a sweet, spicy, and salty flavor that brings more excitement to your day.

Despite plenty of spices and sweet flavor, it never loses the natural flavor of the meat. You do not have to go for a stale flavor that does not even age well when you can get your hands on Jerk My Beefs new Sweet Texas Heat jerky.

The time has come to spice up your flavor and a better choice to clean eating.