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Texas Size--Sweet Texas Heat (16oz bag) - Jerk My Beef
Texas Size--Sweet Texas Heat (16oz bag) - Jerk My Beef

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Texas Size--Sweet Texas Heat (16oz bag)

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Our Sweet Texas Heat contains a perfect mixture of sweetness and a whole lot of spice. You'll savor the perfect combination of Sweet and Spicy! It’s the Texas jerky flavor that would have you reminiscent of the old Wild West.  

Loaded with FRESH ingredients you can pronounce beef, brown sugar, water, salt, apple juice, honey, lemon juice, celery juice powder, natural flavors & spices.

It has enough protein to curb your hunger and help you to stay focused throughout the day.  From working at home or just on the go, our Sweet Texas Heat will always be there to feed your jerky needs. 

The time has come to spice up your life and better choices to clean snacking!