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Peppered (2oz. Bag)
Peppered (2oz. Bag)

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Peppered (2oz. Bag)

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Our original peppered beef jerky is one of the classic beef jerky flavors you can find in Texas. Our peppered beef jerky comes with no additives or preservatives. 

Our peppered beef jerky flavor is so tasteful you'll fall in love with every bite. Each serving comes with 10g of protein, which is enough to fulfill your short food cravings. However, the total protein is 160g! Our peppered jerky flavor contains all-natural beef, apple juice, salt, celery juice, lemon juice, brown sugar, natural flavors, spices, and juice powder.

You better believe all the hype surrounding our peppered beef jerky. It lives up to its reputation and popularity. Our aromatic peppered beef jerky is well seasoned and never tough. You can taste the freshness in each piece and you'll continue ordering more. Of course, you can also send it to your friends or loved ones as a gift.

Our moist, tender, and well-seasoned peppered beef jerky will open a new world of taste for you. We are not going to tell you it is the best jerky you will ever taste, try it for yourself! You don’t necessarily have to be an active person to love this peppered jerky. If you want to stay home and binge-watch a new Netflix series, our peppered flavor beef jerky will make your day.

Bid farewell to all the dry and tasteless beef jerky that contain artificial ingredients. Instead, consume peppered beef jerky as intended!

You just can’t beat the aroma of fresh and tender peppered beef jerky.