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New Texas Size--Teriyaki (16oz bag)
New Texas Size--Teriyaki (16oz bag)
New Texas Size--Teriyaki (16oz bag)

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New Texas Size--Teriyaki (16oz bag)

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Our teriyaki jerky flavor may be what you just need right now. It is a perfect balance of marinated sweetness that leaves a lasting flavor. Jerk My Beef takes pride in all of its jerky flavors, but the teriyaki flavor is special to us. Its savory flavor is popular among adults and kids alike.

Once you get a bag, you would not want to share it with anybody. Whether you want to hike, go to a lake, or participate in any other outdoor activity, you will not get enough of its flawless flavor and soft pieces. Over the years, Jerk My Beef has managed to maintain its class of high-grade grass fed beef.

Our great taste represents the mixture of beef and spices with a smoked hickory flavor. In fact, it would overwhelm all the snack food enthusiasts. What’s in it? Our teriyaki jerky flavor contains beef, special teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, wine, water, onion powder, spice extractives, garlic powder, succinic acid, celery juice powder, and salt. Take a sigh of relief in knowing the fact that Jerk My Beef uses only clean ingredients without added nitrites or preservatives.

Our teriyaki jerky flavor can help you say goodbye to constant food distractions during meetings or at home. You can throw our compact 16oz bag in your car, fanny pack, or gym bag.

It’s better to have a packed bag on the go than impose your food cravings on strangers.